Book covers

Mi sono divertito ad impaginare alcuni miei lavori come fossero copertine di libri... :-)
Nessuno di questi libri esiste. Ogni nome o titolo è di fantasia, ogni riferimento ad opere o autori esistenti è puramente casuale.

Some tests for book covers!
None of these books exist. Any name or title is invented, all references to works or authors is entirely coincidental.


Johan ha detto…
You know I'm gonna do that too, make like 8 to 10 book covers from imagination.

I want to do them with oils on board though :)

Do you ever paint with oils/acrylics?
Would love to see you do that :D
The great advantage is that you always have an original that belongs only to you.
Danka ha detto…
Hi Johan! Yes I painted with acrilic time ago...I wanted to post a pair of my paintings here on my blogs...this could be the right time!
Diego Rossetti ha detto…
Grande Danka bellissimi i tuoi lavori, rendono bene come copertine!
Danka ha detto…
Grazie Diego! adoro le tue illustrazioni!